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Standby Airline Board Game


Introducing the "Standby" Board Game by Boda Brothers—Now Available in a Year of the Rabbit Special with a 30% Discount!

Ever dreamed of jet-setting around the globe but without the hassle of long security lines and cramped legroom? Take flight with "Standby," the thrilling board game that captures the essence of globetrotting in the most enjoyable way! Crafted for wanderlusters and strategic thinkers alike, this game combines skill and luck, offering you an opportunity to build the ultimate travel itinerary.

🌎 Game Objective:
Your mission? Fly to each city on your travel list using a mix of Travel Tokens and Standby cards. But remember, this isn't just a leisurely jaunt—efficiency is key! You'll need to plan a route that dodges bad weather, minimizes travel time, and keeps you ahead of your competitors.

✈️ Key Features:

  • Travel Tokens: Your currency for each flight. Manage them wisely!
  • Standby Cards: A mix of rewards and challenges. From an upgrade to first class to an unexpected layover—each card can change your flight status.
  • Roll the Dice for First Class: Each additional die you use boosts your odds of enjoying the finer side of air travel. Ah, the perks!
  • Weather Obstacles: Navigate through thunderstorms and avoid delays to stay on schedule.

💡 Strategy Tips:
The trick to winning is more than just accumulating tokens. Your itinerary needs to be watertight, and your Standby card strategy should be just as robust. The game becomes a balancing act between reaching your next destination and ensuring you have enough tokens left for that last crucial flight.

🎉 Why You'll Love It:

  • Fun and interactive for all age groups
  • Reinforces strategic thinking and planning skills
  • Learn about major cities around the world
  • Quick to learn, but endlessly replayable!

Don't miss out on the opportunity to become the ultimate traveler in the comfort of your living room. Order your "Standby" board game today and take advantage of our Year of the Rabbit Special—30% off for a limited time!

Ready for takeoff? Grab "Standby," and let the adventures begin!